Industrial applications

Specialty cables and bundels. Optimized for your high-tech applications.

LGO High-Tech Products

We assemble all different types of diameters, bundles and probes. Our design features completely your requirement: for example round to round, round to rectangular, rectangular to rectangular, round to line array, sorted or statistically distributed.

By continuously investing into our production facility and machinery equipment with our own fiber drawing towers, a CNC processing center and anodizing facility we can implement all your wishes and manufacture all critical components ourselves. This is how we prevent a transfer of critical knowledge to suppliers. Our big warehouse with many variations of tubes and specialty protection sleeves enables us to support your special requests.

For a broad range of applications

Chemical Analysis: laboratory application, analysis of liquids
Sensing: Industry appliances, light barriers, quality control process surveillance, data transmission, aviation
Spectroscopy and Microscopy: industry and medicine, material analysis, spectral analysis, signal processing
Radiation Thermometry: high temperature applications
Instruments: welding, soldering, marking
Air and space: extraplanetary missions, satellites, special vacuum applications
Energy technology: Solar, nuclear and fusion reactors
Defense technology: laser assisted peripheral equipment
Medicine: Illumination and detection

Our know-how has proved in many branches of industry and is a warrantor also for your success:
Automotive, astrophysics, nuclear plants, plastic UV curing, optical radiation thermometry, laser marking, laser welding and connecting, air and space, communication, biotechnology and defense engineering

LGO Hexagon Fused Bundles®

The HFB® offer new possibilities to you for your applications in the high power or high temperature range, optimum transmission values at high temperatures.

By applying our patented technology we are capable of closing the gaps between the fibers in a bundle. This results in an increased packing density of the fiber cores in a bundle. Particularly in flame monitoring and other high temperature applications far beyond 600°C this product offers decisive advantages.

lgo fused end bundle

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Georg Kessler

Mr Georg Kessler
Industrial applications

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Our claim

Quality is one of the most important factors in manufacturing optical fibers. In every step of production the compliance to the specification is controlled precisely. This comprehensive monitoring of the production process makes it easy for us to guarantee products of constant, extremely high quality to you.

In an individual consultation the matching fiber and technology are selected specifically suited to your application. Manufactured according to the state of the art – optimized for your application.

Your advantage

The entire production starting from development and raging to prototyping and mass production take place in-house. More than 40 years of competence guarantee the success which projects deserve.