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Fused Bundles

The LGO Hexagon Fused Bundles© represent a high-tech solution for the client's UV and IR applications and for replacing liquid light guides. They offer completely new possibilities in the high power and high temperature mode. By using LGO fused bundle technology we eliminate the gaps between individual fibers in the bundles. This way, LGO increase the packing density of the fiber cores.

Fused Bundles fix

Technical details

  • Operational wavelengths:  180–2200 nm
  • Numerical aperture:  0.12±0.02 I 0.22±0.02 I 0.37±0.02 with silicone clad
  • Sorted bundles:  Bifurcated | Multi leg bundle | mapped | random | custom sorting
  • Connector types:  SMA | SMAF | FC/PC | ST | DIN | custom-made


  • High transmission with no gaps between fibers
  • Custom-made bundles to the client's specification
  • High temperature resistance
  • Vacuum aplications
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Made according to the client’s specification
  • CE and ISO 13485 certified