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Hard Clad Fibers

LightGuideOptics manufactures large variety of multimode step index optical fibers for VIS to NIR wavelength region. Ideally suited for medical lasers, spectroscopy, industrial and scientific application.

Hard Clad Fibers

Technical details

  • Operational wavelengths:  ZLWF 400-2200 nm
  • Numerical aperture:  0.37±0.02 quartz/hard clad | 0.5±0.02 quartz/hard clad
  • Clad to core ratio:  Hard clad thickness 12.5 -17.5 μm
  • Fiber core diameters:  100 μm to 2000 μm
  • Fiber buffer material:  Hard clad
  • Fiber jacket material:  Tefzel -40°C to +150°C, Nylon -40°C to +100°C
  • Stress proof load:  100 kpsi


  • Very high precision fibers with tolerance of 1%
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Wide range of available fiber
  • Cost-efficient optical fiber with high Numerical Aperture
  • Made according to the client’s specification
  • CE and ISO 13485 certified