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LGO-Fistula Probe

The sphincter preserving occlusion of fistulae-in-ano.

The LGO-Fistula Probe allows easy access also into a small and curved fistula tract for permanent occlusion of complete fistula-in-ano which are pre-conditioned by seton drainage (here Parks Types I-IV) and at the non-inflammatory stage.

Inside the fistula tract the radial emission of laser energy destroys remnants of the fistula epithelium and leads to controlled shrinkage of the surrounding tissue. Thus, the fistula tract is obliterated gently with only minimal side effects on the anal sphincter.

There are marking lines on the LGO-Fistula Probe for easy and precise control over the position and pullback velocity.

lgo fistula probe

Technical features

  • Robust fiber core diameter of 600 µm
  • Rounded, fused fiber tip
  • Entirely lateral emission, 60° with respect to the fiber axis
  • Connector with SMA 905 ferrule and / or customer special bushing
  • Double packed in sterile pouches
  • Sterilized by means of Ethylene Oxide
  • 5 years sterile shelf life