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LGO-Saturn Side Fiber®

The standard in endovenous laser surgery.

With its 360° radiation and an optimized handling the LGO-Saturn Side Fiber® has become the standard tool for endovascular laser ablation. The fiber is excellently qualified for a use in a wavelength ranges of 980 nm and 1470 nm.

The LGO-Saturn Side Fiber® is available in two different sizes. Both variations have got marking lines for a precise surveillance of the pullback rate during the surgery. This is how the dosage of laser power is managed accurately.

The LGO-Introducer Set is available supplementary to introduce the LGO-Saturn Side Fiber® easily into the vein to be treated.

lgo saturn side fire fiber

Technical features

  • Entirely lateral emission, 60° with respect to the fiber axis
  • No front firing
  • Fiber core diameter 400 µm or 600 µm with 1.3 mm or 1.8 mm fiber tip, respectively
  • Fused fiber tip available
  • Connector with SMA 905 ferrule and / or customer special bushing
  • Double packed in sterile pouches
  • Sterilized by means of Ethylene Oxide
  • 5 years sterile shelf life