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LGO-Side Fire Fiber Probe

The definite treatment of BPH.

The lateral emission aims directly at the prostate tissue while the sphincter is preserved. By means of the thumb holder the probe can easily be rotated about its axis.

The LGO-Side Fire Fiber Probe can be used at the wavelength 532 nm, for example. Its fused fiber tip maximizes laser transmission and durability for optimum treatment results.

Side Fire Fiber Probe full3

Technical features

  • Entirely lateral emission
  • No front firing
  • Fiber core diameter typically 600 µm with 1.8 mm fiber tip.
  • Fused fiber tip available
  • Connector with SMA 905 ferrule and / or customer special bushing
  • Double packed in sterile pouches
  • Sterilized by means of Ethylene Oxide
  • 5 years sterile shelf life